Sea of Green Method

Are you stuck looking for that yield you can never seem to reach caused by lack of space? Well the Sea of Green Method is the answer for you!

Many indoor growers will average less than a pound per harvest if they have anything smaller than a 3′ x 3′ x 6′ growing room. But with the Sea of Green Method you will be happily yielding 1-3 ounces per plant and would be harvesting more frequently.

With the Sea of Green Method you would be doing what we like to call a perpetual grow. A perpetual grow is a crop that would be harvested weekly or bi-weekly depending on your taste and would be set on a calendar schedule.

The Sea of Green Method along with the perpetual grow is a goldmine method for farmers. To start off, you would first need to know that you have all female plants, because with this kind of method in place; there is no time for males!

So ensure that you are using all females, check out Sensa-Spray™ for female enhancements within your crop or formulate a room to have a mother plant one of the two, both will work.

Once you have a mother plant in place it is then time to sit down and write your feeding, lighting, harvest schedule which you can find some examples at any of these farmers:
Hidden Perpetual Grow
Small Perpetual Grow

Once you have sat down and constructed a schedule it is finally time to get your hands dirty, now many people think you need to have the best of the best to get the best. But my friend, let me be the first one to tell you this is not true!

I started my harvest with pretty much nothing and with time my harvest is now up to 1 lb. every two weeks! Now some might scoff at that but compared to my last set up. The Sea Of Green Method along with the perpetual grow is doing outstanding work.

Now I am assuming you have all your nutes, lights, fans, and mothers in place before we start.

You are going to start out with X amount of clones for your first two weeks. For example I started with 14 clones, and I always like to cut extra just in case my clones aren’t 100%. You are then going to repeat the process within the next two weeks depending on your calendar

Once you have the clones rooted you would want to transfer them to a bigger container. Not much though! Your looking to conserve space remember.Sea Of Green Method is all about maximizing your space. A cut off bottom from water bottles will do just fine if your budgeting. Click below for more on clone transplanting:
Transferring Clones

After the clones have been successfully transplanted to their new homes you will bring out the mother again! It is now time for round two of clones in our Sea Of Green Method . So go ahead and cut off an equivalent amount of clones as your first round.

Lets take a quick break and check out our progress in our Sea Of Green Method! So far we have:

  1. Constructed a perpetual schedule for feeding, lighting, and harvesting
  2. Put first clones into veg cycle “personally 24 hour”
  3. Cut second round of clones


So you can see our perpetual Sea Of Green Method is starting to come together!

I put my babies in veg for no more than 12 days then straight into flower by that time with the small housing given they are ready to be transplanted again and ready for another round of clones.

A good rule of thumb is every time you transplant, you should be cutting clones.

My 12 days have passed that I have scheduled and my first set of clones are now ready to go into flower, while my second round of clones are going into veg, and adding more clones to the crop.

So you see we have three different crops and one huge sea of green in one room! Imagine the yield you could pull off that if your experienced! Well I hope I solved some of the mysteries with in a Sea Of Green Method.